Rosso Corsa: Ferrari Specialists!

Rosso Corsa: Ferrari Specialists!

At Rosso Corsa, we are Ferrari specialists. We offer top-notch workshop services for luxury car enthusiasts, with an exclusive focus on Ferrari. Since our inception in 2008, we have been committed to providing personalized attention, exceptional quality, efficiency, and innovation, all backed by the best price guarantee. At Rosso Corsa we are Ferrari specialists and our workshop confirms it.

  • Personalized Attention and Commitment to Excellence:

At Rosso Corsa, our highly trained team is dedicated to offering a service tailored to the specific needs of each car, ensuring the satisfaction of our customers.

  • Comprehensive Services for Your Ferrari:

Our workshop provides a comprehensive service that includes everything from bodywork, sheet metal, and painting to mechanics and upholstery. We use original parts from high-end car manufacturers, ensuring the authenticity and optimal performance of your Ferrari. Additionally, we perform external and internal cleaning to keep your vehicle looking impeccable at all times.

  • Tires, Alignment, and much more:

From tire maintenance and alignment to the restoration of classic or collectible vehicles, at Rosso Corsa, we are committed to excellence in all aspects. We also offer towing and storage services, as well as an exclusive concierge service that includes free pickup and delivery of your vehicle.

Bring your Ferrari and we will take care of every detail with passion cause we are Ferrari specialists.

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