Ferrari 599 GTB


Car colour: Grey / Silver (Grigio)
Engine size: 6.0
KM: 23.100 km
Category: Coupe (2 places)
First registration: September 2006
Current registration: Spanish
Engine type: V12
HP: 620 CV (456 kw)
Average consumption: 21.3 l/100 km (combined)

Ferrari 599 GTB

My name is León

It’s a fairly manageable car and relatively easy to drive fast. The controls and feedback feel like a real supercar. At the heart of every Ferrari is the engine and the heart of the 599 is probably one of the most impressive that Maranello has ever built: it has the same engine as the Ferrari Enzo, a 6L V12 pushing 620hp with a top speed of over 335 km/h (0-100 = 3.4 seconds).

The engine is also relatively quiet at low speeds, but open the taps and it will take on another angrier character when the V12 reaches full roar. Its design is incredible, dynamic lines on the sides, carbon fiber parts, Grigio exterior contrasted by a beautiful beige leather interior that makes it even more classy.

This Ferrari 599 GTB is registered in SPAIN.

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