Ferrari 488 Challenge


Car colour: Blue (Blue-orange)
Engine size: 3.9
Category: Coupe (2 places)
Engine type: V8
HP: 670 CV (493 kw)
Average consumption: 15.6 l/100 km (combined)
Price: 243.999€

Ferrari 488 Challenge

My name is Livia

Do you have what it takes to take to the track? Put your driving skills to the test with one of the most stunning sports cars you’ve ever seen – the Ferrari 488 Challenge.

This true racing car  has a spectacular performance upgrade kit that includes a more aerodynamic structure. Its sharp, aggressive design stands out even more thanks to its coloured exterior. The interior is a real dream – spacious racing seats and an upgraded racing steering wheel for optimal hand position at all times. You’ll have no excuse for not having everything under control!

A V8 engine capable of developing 670 hp is at the heart of this Challenge – both the power and the sound are out of this world!

You can now find this spectacular Ferrari 488 Challenge Evo at Rosso Corsa Marbella. Do not hesitate to contact us for more information.

Rosso Corsa Marbella is not responsible for the advertisements published.


• Orange-blue exterior

• Black racing seats


• Rosso four point safety harnesses

• Multifunction steering wheel

• Grey brake callipers

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