Ferrari 458 Spider


Car colour: Red (Rosso Corsa)
Engine type: V8
KM: 45.000 km
Category: Cabrio (2 places)
First registration: August 2012
Current registration: Sweden
Latest service date: February 2023
Full service history: Yes
Previous owners: 1
Accident free: Yes
Engine size: 4.5
Tyre condition: New condition
Spare key: Yes
HP: 570 CV (420 kw)
Average consumption: 13.3 l/100 km (combined)

Ferrari 458 Spider

My name is Samanta

Fierce & Beautiful as ever!! That is how it looks and feels one of the latest additions to Rosso Corsa stock! An absolutely gorgeous Ferrari 458 Spider full of special details.

Its emblematic Rosso Corsa exterior is the first thing that will make you fall in love with this convertible. An extremely aerodinamic sports car with a few retro touches – engeenering and stylish design become ONE! You just have to look inside… You will never get tired of its blu medio leather interior.

But the best part comes later – this mid-engined model boosts 570 CV, 12 more than the previous version!!! An upgraded and SUPER POWERFUL V8 that never fails to deliver the most liberating perferomance you can imagine!

An unmistekable Ferrari – there is no other way to indulge yourself!

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